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Amir Berbic’s Work in the Art Institute

Amir Berbic's design installed in the Modern Wing of the Art Institute of Chicago

Amir Berbic, associate professor of graphic design, was commissioned by the Art Institute of Chicago to design an installation spanning across the windows overlooking Griffin Court in the museum's Modern Wing. The work, developed in conjunction with the Art Instituted Design Episodes exhibition series, will be visible to the public early in May. Karen Kice, curator of architecture and design at the Art Institute, said “Berbic’s design derives from the correlations between typography and the objects in the three exhibitions. The layered presentation develops an interplay between geometric forms and type. While the black shapes on the gray wall reference elements from the exhibitions on the modern chair and postmodernism, the words Architecture & Design are indicated in white vinyl stripes on the windows, in a nod to the vertical characteristics of the Modern Wing’s architecture. The design rests on the edge of legibility to highlight the graphic characteristics of type”.