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White Bird

Monday, August 26, 1991–Friday, October 11, 1991

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Artists: (Art)n, Nancy Becker, Tom Friedman, David Shaw, and Fred Tomaselli

White Bird, curated by Hudson of New York ’s Feature Inc. Gallery, analyzes the relationship between science, spirituality, and the body. The exhibition includes recent work by New York artists Nancy Becker, David Shaw, and Fred Tomaselli, Chicago artist Tom Friedman, and the art collective (Art)n. The media used ranges from wood and paint to laundry detergent and PHSColograms™. (PHSColograms™, a trademark of (Art)n laboratory, are three-dimensional, computer-generated images on photographic film. They are created by the (Art)n laboratory at the Illinois Institute of Technology and UIC ’s Electronic Visualization Laboratory.)

Featuring a single work by each artist, and lighting only the artworks in an otherwise dark gallery, Hudson ’s curation is sparse, dramatic, and melancholy. The dynamism of the works lie in their shifting loyalties alternately to science and to spirituality, to the temporal and the eternal, to the physical and the metaphysical, to the body and the beyond. Friedman ’s piece, a snow angel traced on the gallery floor in a pile of white laundry detergent, speaks of both a sublime ephemerality and banal material experience, and comments on the natures of cleanliness and purity. (Art)n ’s Space and Time Visualization is a moving three-dimensional mandala that, like Friedman ’s empty snow angel, elicits a kinesthetic response. David Shaw ’s Stacked Ladders, too, is caught up in the tension of an erotic object ’s physicality and is a gesture of yearning for the divine.



Space and Time Visualization, 1990
Computer-generated imaging on photographic film
Stealth negative PHSCologram, 24 x 30 in.

Nancy Becker

June, 1991
Cardboard, watercolor, and glass, 31 in. diameter, 30 in. diameter, 24 in. diameter, 21.5 in. diameter, 20 in. diameter, 16 in. diameter, 9 in. diameter

Tom Friedman

Untitled, 1991
Laundry detergent, 84 in. diameter

David Shaw

Stacked Ladders, 1991
Wood and paint, 148 x 34 x 14 in.

Fred Tomaselli

Cubic Sky,1988
Wood, enamel, Plexiglas, lamp parts, and steel, 46 x 90 x 52 in.


(Art)n, Nancy Becker, Tom Friedman, David Shaw, and Fred Tomaselli

White Bird

Gallery 400
Chicago, Illinois
August 26–October 11, 1991

Opening Reception: Wednesday, August 28, 1991, 4–7pm


Hudson Headshot By Julie Chae Hudson is a curator and art dealer who has served as director and owner of Feature Inc. Gallery since 1984. Feature opened on April Fool’s Day 1984, in a second-floor space at 340 West Huron St., Chicago. The first show exhibited in the front gallery was Richard Prince’s rephotographed fashion photos. In August 1988, the gallery moved to New York City and opened in October at 484 Broome St. There, Hudson focused on Midwest and West Coast artists, in addition to those living in New York who had been disregarded by the New York galleries. Feature constantly maintains two or more exhibition spaces, so that several exhibitions can be presented simultaneously. Hudson has also independently curated a number of shows.


Postcard: White Bird – Opening


    McCracken, David. “A Century’s Prints Illustrate an Underappreciated Medium.” Chicago Tribune, Aug. 30, 1991, sec. 7, p. 42.


    White Bird is supported by the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Art and Design’s College of Architecture, Art, and Urban Planning.

    This exhibition is also partly funded by the Illinois Arts Council.