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Voices: Sonny Venice

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Monday, February 26, 1996–Tuesday, February 27, 1996
Gallery 400 Lecture Room
400 South Peoria Street

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Fact and fiction are of little importance to Sonny Venice since he himself is a mixture of both. Originally from the East coast Amtrak corridor, Venice has no real point of origin. The well-worn cushions of yesteryear’s grandiose movie theatres, the big beige bucket seat of a sky blue Dodge maxi-van, Tracy Ducoty’s scratchy green sofa, a hard oak chair at Dave Earle’s kitchen table and last but not least the ball breaking seat situated above the wheel of the number 8 Halsted Street bus; these are just a few of the places Venice was born. No MFA, no BFA, nor any awards, titles, or grants, success is behind rather than in front of him. This has been the inspiration for his biography as told to Bob Greene, which has a working title of I WAS A WANNA BE HAS BEEN; THE COMEBACK YEARS.</p