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Art & Art History

Voices: Joanna Frueh

Joanna Frueh

Tuesday, April 23, 1996–Wednesday, April 24, 1996
Gallery 400 Lecture Room
400 South Peoria Street

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Joanna Frueh reads from her latest publication, Erotic Faculties. Frueh is not only a practicing performance artist but also a distinguished critic and historian on feminist issues. In a combination of criticism and personal history, intellect and physicality, her unique form of critical expression interweaves scholarship with personal poetics.

Her articles, reviews, and performance texts have appeared in Art in America, Art Journal, AfterImage, High Performance, and New Art Examiner, among others. Frueh is also author of Hannah Wilke: A Retrospective (1989) and coeditor of Feminist Art Criticism: An Anthology (1991) and New Feminist Criticism: Art, Identity, Action (1994). Also recognized as a powerful, provocative, and articulate performance artist, Frueh has presented performances at museums, galleries, universities, and conferences nationwide. She teaches at the University of Nevada, Reno, and lectures widely in her areas of expertise. Frueh received a PhD in history of culture from the University of Chicago.