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Art & Art History

Voices: Jin Lee

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Thursday, April 08, 1993–Friday, April 09, 1993
Gallery 400 Lecture Room
400 South Peoria Street

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Photographer Jin Lee’s (born 1961) work centers on the sensuous experience of a place. Her photographs are in part a highly personal investigation of the city where she lives and the surrounding natural environments. But they also explore the possibility of transposing the sublime onto a more intimate scale. Lee has described herself as working with the heroic and sublime subjects of landscape art, such as the vast spaces of mountains and oceans, but exploring them within everyday situations, and she is attentive to the ways a familiar place can provide a framework for one s life yet still provide a powerful sense of wonder and discovery. She earned a BA from Wellesley College, Massachusetts and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.