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Art & Art History

Voices: Anne Chu

Anne Chu

Wednesday, October 20, 1999–Thursday, October 21, 1999
Gallery 400 Lecture Room
400 South Peoria Street

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Anne Chu (born 1959) is primarily a sculptor, creating monumental works from wood, ceramic, and papier m ch . Always driven by an intuitive sense of the relationship of materials to form, of tactility over fabrication, she is interested in exploring the banality of everyday, generic objects. She focuses our perception of common things by collaging recognizable forms with unexpected materials. Although her works reveal or record traceable actions and how they were made, Chu is not into process-for-process’s-sake. Instead, she teases and toys with our sensory knowledge, memory, and aesthetic expectations to sharpen our awareness of the systems that aestheticize an object systems that direct and determine our interpretations and experience of works of art.

She has held solo exhibitions at the Cleveland Contemporary Arts Center; AC Project Room, New York; Dallas Art Museum; Marc Foxx Gallery, Los Angeles; the Neuberger Museum of Art, State University of New York at Purchase, New York; Bess Cutler Gallery, New York; and recent group exhibitions include Surrogate: The Figure in Contemporary Sculpture and Photography, Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, SeattleAC Project Room, New York; and Tip of the Iceberg, Dorfman Projects/Art Resources Transfer, New York; among others.

Chu currently lives and works in New York City. She received a BFA from Philadelphia College of Art and an MFA from Columbia University.