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Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Gallery 400
400 S. Peoria St.

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As we settle into our contemporary era of black horror, where Black death is hypervisible and overwrought, how do we take stock of the actions surrounding death? What do we know about a body before, during, and after it has transitioned; or a body before, during, and after it has killed?  In the spirit of collective physical and psychic balance articulated by FULTONIA, Anna Martine explores ideas of balance inside, outside, and beyond the living/dying Black body. As part of the installation FULTONIA: Mycelia this performance includes a loosely facilitated community dialogue around these issues.  Precarity is a presentation of intense reflection which asks the audience to fully engage with the work for its duration and absorb the connections to the themes of After Today before or after.

Anna Martine is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, choreographer, and curator. She makes solo and collaborative work interrogating race, gender, utopia, and loss at the limits of performance. Martine has written on the work and lives of African Diasporic, women, and queer artists, which can be found in Art Practical, Daily Serving, and theoffcenter. For the last five years she has co-produced or co-curated several spontaneous, improvisational, devised, and collaborative movement-based events, including VAST LANDSCAPE in Los Angeles; This Is What I Want in San Francisco; and movement//movement in Detroit.