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Monday, July 20, 2015
Gallery 400
400 S. Peoria St.

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Gallery 400 and the MB collective invite you to Mothership: An Afro-Futurist & Afro-Surrealist Experience of Prophetic Imagination. This multi-dimensional workshop hosted by a collective of Chicago Afro-Futurists and Afro-Surrealists utilizes music, dance, art, video, and participatory performance to bring you an interactive experience where you can harness the power of radical imagination and Black Love to create brilliant new worlds.

The evening includes:

Black to the Future News Broadcast: As guests arrive they are asked to submit their headlines for the future of Black and Brown bodies. Once every 15 minutes headlines are broadcast throughout the space.

Self-Love Station: Participants are guided through a sensory self-love experience, engage in activities describing their own self care regime, and explore self care resources to incorporate into their daily lives.

Embodiment & Re-Imagining: Utilizing widely influential texts about resistance, healing and restorative justice, participants take part in action writing activities that guide through embodying and re-imagining selected texts and offer alternative solutions addressed within.

Watermelon Bay: Based on Idle Wilde, an African American relaxation resort that emerged during Jim Crow segregation, Watermelon Bay invites participants to relax, enjoy refreshments, and engage in conversation focused specifically on visions of the future.

AfroNauts Screening: participants will have the opportunity to watch a free screening of African Filmmaker Frances Bodomo’s film AfronautsAfronauts tells an alternative story of the 1960s Space Race using a Black science fiction narrative.

Freedom Tribute to the Ancestors: This is an open space which includes an altar and site where participants can honor and write messages to ancestors and loved ones.

Experimental Jazz: To complete their journey, participants are invited to enjoy an experimental Jazz performance from the Participatory Music Coalition (PMC).

Mothership is brought to you by the MB CollectiveSojourner Zenobia (curator), Viktor LeJeNae TaylorAngel ElmoreGira Dahnee, and Adam Zanolini