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In Sight/On View: The Museum as Site of Inquiry

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Friday, October 26, 2012
Jane Addams Hull-House Residents' Dining Hall
800 South Halsted Street

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The Art History Graduate Student Association at the University of Illinois at Chicago, with the Museum and Exhibition Studies program and the College of Architecture and the Arts, is pleased to present “In Sight/On View: The Museum as Site of Inquiry,” an interdisciplinary symposium that will investigate museum practices and the evolving social and cultural contexts of today’s institutions. As museums confront changing demographics, new technologies, challenges to traditional narratives, and shifting patterns of cultural consumption, fundamental and sometimes uncomfortable changes are necessary. These paradigm shifts require a reassessment of the ideologies that have informed the collection, presentation, and interpretation of culture in museums.

Image: The Griffin Court at The Art Institute of Chicago. Photo by Charles G. Young.


9:00 – Coffee

9:30 – Welcome 

9:45 11:30: Session One: Museum as Site
Moderator: Alyssa Greenberg, University of Illinois at Chicago

  • Jens Bartel , Columbia University, New York
    The New Nezu Museum (2009) A Recent Architecture by Kuma Kengo
  • Faye Gleisser , Northwestern University, Chicago
    Reconsidering the Criticality of Consumption in the Art Museum Cafe
  • Hannah Wirta Kinney , The Bard Graduate Center, New York
    “A Richer and Truer Dialogue?” Communal Meaning-Making on the Web and Walls

11:30 – Lunch

1:00 2:45: Session Two: Museum as Vitrine Moderator: Sim Hinman Wan, University of Illinois at Chicago

  • Elisabeth Hoffmann , Humboldt University, Berlin
    The Plaster Cast Collection in the Neues Museum Berlin as Site of World Cultural History
  • Julia Pelta Feldman , The Museum of Modern Art, New York
    Perpetual Fluxfest II: Distinguishing Artworks from Artifacts in the Fluxus Archive
  • Mariel Viller , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Heterotopic Architecture: Sir John Soane’s Museum and the Miniature Ruin

2:45 – Break

3:00 4:45: Session Three: Museum as Interlocutor Moderator: Georgina Ruff, University of Illinois at Chicago

  • Anna Katherine Brodbeck , Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
    From Museum to Street and in Between: Artur Barrio’s Situations and the Curatorial Project of Frederico Morais
  • Katie Waddell , School of the Art Institute of Chicago
    Parafictional Strategies at the Museum of Jurassic Technology and the Hyper-skeptical Subject
  • Monica Steinberg , The Graduate Center, CUNY
    Prankster Antics and Intrusions: The Politics of Display in Los Angeles of the 1950s

4:45 6:00: Closing Reception 

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