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Art & Art History

I Am You & You Are Me: Collective Liberation

Saturday, July 18, 2015
Gallery 400
400 S. Peoria St.

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Join Gallery 400 and 96 Acres for the second workshop in 96 Acres’ latest series, P is for Praxis: Practices of Freedom —free, intergenerational creative workshops around methods of implementing action/reflection (praxis) and envisioning freedom as part of the 96 Acres work on issues of incarceration. Led by Coya Paz (Artist/Edu­cator) and Michael De Anda Muñiz (Educator/Activist) I Am You & You are Me: Collective Liberation is a workshop that uses interactive writing, performance, and games to examine the world as it is, how we want it to be, and how we can work towards realizing that vision.

Participants explore issues of individual identity, collective liberation, and building solidarity while holding difference. In doing so, we question the ideas that inform how we relate with one another and how these ideas are connected to the criminal legal system and mass incarceration. Furthermore, participants imagine new ways of seeing and being with one another. The goal of the workshop is to (re)imagine the very basis of our relationships, to consider who/what prevents our freedom, and to act towards liberation.

These workshops take place within the 96 Acres exhibition/workspace inside the After Today exhibition at Gallery 400.

Future Workshops:

Workshop 3: Creative Resistance: Past|Present
Date: Saturday, August 8th 12:30-4:00 PM
Led by Michael Johnson (Cultural Worker) and Anderson Chaves (Spoken Word Artist)

Creative Resistance Past|Present explores the collaborative creative process of liberation. Through this workshop participants examine the various uses of art and art making in historical as well as contemporary moments. This workshop tackles how we imagine complex systems of oppression through art to understand them as designed human interactions. Then from there, how we might re-imagine our world, our interactions, our experiences beyond them.