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Art & Art History

Alex Halsted, David MorУЉ, and M.C. Schmidt

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Gallery 400
400 South Peoria Street

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Gnathonemus Petersii is a unique collaboration between musician Alex Halsted and sound artist David MorУЉ (born 1976). Halsted emits a constant pulse that forms an electrical field that surrounds her body, disturbances to this field she interprets as obstacle, food, or mate. During performance, MorУЉ works with this signal, processing it audibly and transforming the signal with various effects. In an engaging format, Gnathonemus Petersii mixes together elements of displacement, inter-species communications, and the commercialism of sound. Alex Halsted and David MorУЉ have worked together as a duo since 2008, working in collaboration with other artists, musicians, and sound experimenters.

M.C. Schmidt (born 1964) is one half of the experimental electronic music duo Matmos. Using samplers, analogue keyboards, field recordings, and guitars, Matmos makes atmospheric, idiosyncratic electronica. In addition to incorporating chance operations into their sequencing environment, many songs are based upon a working methodology of т€œconceptual restrictionт€ songs are built entirely out of samples from a single sound source: field recordings, contact microphones on hair, even the sound of an amplified synapse from crayfish nerve tissue.