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Spring 2018 Final Reviews

Tuesday, May 1, 2 – 6pm
First Year Undergrad Core Studio: Urban Operations and Compositions
Instructors: Julia Capomaggi, Abigail Chang, Grant Gibson, Clare Lyster, Andrew Moddrell, Sean Lally
Guest Critic: Vivian Lee
1100 A+D Studios
Wednesday, May 2, 2 – 6pm
Third Year Undergrad Core Studio: Body Building
Instructors: Julia Di Castri, Chris Frye, Stewart Hicks, Thomas Kelley
Guest Critics: Vivian Lee, Meredith Miller
1100 and 3100 A+D Studios
Thursday, May 3, 2 – 6pm
Second Year Undergrad Core Studio: Room/Object/Chair/Room
Instructors: Kelly Bair, Sarah Blankenbaker, Stewart Hicks, Ania Jaworska, Antonio Torres
Guest Critics: Adam Fure, Meredith Miller
1100 and 3100 A+D Studios
Friday, May 4, 2 – 6pm
Fourth Year Undergrad Option Studios
Context, or, when is brown? (Judith De Jong)
1100 A+D Studios
Guest Critic: Sharon Harr
Learning from Mexico City (Alexander Eisenschmidt)
4300 A+D Studios
8600 Commercial Ave. (Ryan Palider)
3100 A+D Studios
Monday, May 7, 2 – 6pm
First Year Graduate Core Studio
Doppelgänger. An Architecture of Estrangement  (Francesco Marullo)
Guest Critic: Nathan Friedman, Ellen Grimes, Matthew Messner
Tuesday, May 8, 10am – 6pm
Second Year Graduate Core Studio
A Three-Dimensional Urbanism… Or Big Urban Buildings 
(Kelly Bair and Andrew Zago)
Guest Critic: John McMurrough
Friday, May 9
Third Year Graduate Option Studio, 9am – 1pm
Lockhart, Texas (Paul Andersen)
Third Year Graduate Option Studio, 2 – 6pm
What if… then? Urban-Scaled Architectural Speculation 
(Sarah Dunn)