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Garofalo Fellow Exhibition Opening

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Dysfunctional Plans 

(Renewed Archetypes, Endless Enclosure, Mystical Grid, Transient Monument, Inhabitable Wall, Dysfunctional Plan)

The UIC School of Architecture invites you to celebrate the opening of the 2017–2018 Douglas A. Garofalo Fellowship exhibition by Fosco Lucarelli.
Opening Reception
Friday April 6, 5:30–7:30pm
UIC School of Architecture
845 West Harrison Street
Please RSVP here.
Public Lecture
Thursday April 19, 6pm
Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts
4 West Burton Place
Dysfunctional Plans
(Renewed Archetypes, Endless Enclosure, Mystical Grid, Transient Monument, Inhabitable Wall, Dysfunctional Plan)
Dysfunctional Plans is a theoretical inquiry based on seven design exercises made in collaboration with a group of students. Its rather unwieldy brief provided no a priori function, content, strategy, or site; no hypothetical conditions apart from the arbitrary definition of seven oxymoronic “poetic images.”
Each image contains archetypal forms such as the “wall,” the “enclosure,” the “monument”; systems of spatial organization and representational devices like the “grid” and the “plan”; and finally, the concept of “nature,” historically considered the opposite of architecture. However, a productive notion of ambiguity is introduced when an “unnatural” qualifier gets associated with each image.
More an experiment than a manifesto, Dysfunctional Plans questions if architecture might be a discipline autonomous enough to create its own narrative, content, function, purpose, imagination and therefore, meaning, stemming solely from its bare form.
About Fosco Lucarelli
Fosco Lucarelli is an Italian architect and educator based in Paris. He holds a Bachelor and Master of Architecture from the School of Architecture of Rome (Roma Tre) and from the ETSAM in Madrid. With his partner Mariabruna Fabrizi, he co-founded the architectural practice Microcities, and conducts independent research through the website SOCKS. He has taught at the École d’architecture de la ville et des territoires in Marne-La-Vallée in Paris, and at the École Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne. Together with M. Fabrizi, Lucarelli was the content-curator for “The Form of Form”, the main exhibition at the 2016 Lisbon Architecture Triennale, and he is part of the chief curatorial team for the 2019 Lisbon Triennale.
About the Douglas A. Garofalo Fellowship
Named in honor of architect and educator Doug Garofalo (1958–2011), the Douglas A. Garofalo Fellowship is a nine-month teaching fellowship that provides emerging designers the opportunity to teach studio and seminar courses in the undergraduate and graduate programs and conduct independent design research. The fellowship also includes a public lecture at the Graham Foundation and an exhibition at the UIC School of Architecture in the spring.
The Douglas A. Garofalo Fellowship is made possible through the generous support of individual and corporate donations, as well as a grant from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts.
For more information on how to donate to the Douglas A. Garofalo fund please visit here.