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Norman Kelley in collaboration with Brendan Fernandes at the Graham Foundation

The Master and Form

The Master and Form is an installation and performance series organized by the artist Brendan Fernandes and presented by the Graham Foundation from January 25–March 10, 2018. The project is the culmination of Fernandes' 2017 performance art residency at the Graham, and is a collaboration between himself, UIC faculty member Thomas Kelley (of Norman Kelly), and dancers from the Joffrey Academy of Dance. As stated by the Graham Foundation, "[the show] explores themes of mastery and discipline within the culture of ballet through the use of designed objects that enable dancers to perfect and extend iconic positions." During performances, Joffrey Academy dancers will engage the Madlener House as well as "sculptural devices" designed by Norman Kelly and Fernandes which frame and challenge the form and physical limits of the dancing body.  

Madlener House
4 West Burton Place
Chicago, Illinois 60610