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Johannes Berry: 2019–20 Douglas A. Garofalo Fellow

We are pleased to announce that Johannes Berry, a South African architect based in Brussels, will be our 2019–20 Douglas A. Garofalo Fellow. Berry’s research will focus on the relationship between humans, materials, and construction, with an aim toward finding combinations that allow openness in interpretation.
Berry studied fashion design in Cape Town before obtaining a BA in architecture from the University of Hasselt and an MSc in architecture from the KU Leuven, where he has been teaching since 2015. In 2016, Berry and Mayu Takasugi founded SUGIBERRY, a practice based in Brussels and Tokyo. SUGIBERRY has been recognized in both Belgium and Japan through prizes, exhibitions, and awards and is currently developing projects in Japan, Belgium, and South Africa. In 2018, Berry founded the architectural magazine Gallery Magazine with Jonathan R. Maj.
Images: Paper Stone Bench, Osaka, Japan (photograph, materials); Foam Stone Cafe, Kortrijk, Belgium (photograph, materials)