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Janina Sanchez, MArch '15, lectures at AIA Chicago


Political Urbanism: An urban catalogue of the "Good Living"
Wednesday, February 24 | 5:30–7:30pm
AIA Chicago, 35 E Wacker Dr.

Janina Sanchez, recipient of the AIA Chicago Foundation's Martin Roche Travel Scholarship, will present the findings from her travels to Ecuador. 

After years of unstable, temporary governments, Ecuador is now experiencing one of the longest and deepest political movements in the past 30 years. This Revolución Ciudadana (Citizens Revolution) has deeply reshaped the urban landscape of the country. The movement's master plan, El Plan del Buen Vivir (The Plan for Good Living), has massively increased the government investment in different development and social projects all across the country. The lessons of these ambitious interventions are collected in this “Catalogue of the Good Living”.