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Clare Lyster to participate in Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism

Clare Lyster has curated and designed Guidebook to the Logistical City, an exhibition for the inaugural Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism.

Everyday we become more entangled with the convenient, yet increasingly abstract procedures of logistical regimes (from online shopping to shared infrastructure) and the corporate actors ( to Uber) that make them possible. This two-part installation articulates how logistical flows and their attendant procedures are shaping the city—the logistical city.

Part 1
Genealogy of the Logistical City is a graphic catalogue that indexes the emblematic technologies, processes, spaces and subjects of logistics.
Part 2
Projecting the Logistical City comprises concepts and design speculations that leverage logistics, in all its phantasmagorical forms (from neoliberalism to abstraction and from convenience to desire) for new public and domestic environments.

Featuring work by Clare Lyster as well as select work from her 2016/17 graduate research studio, Logistical Ecologies.

Installation design by Clare Lyster | CLUAA with Camille Castillo, John Leano and Paulina Santoyo Garcia.