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BairBalliet opens No More Room at SCI-Arc


On April 9, Associate Professor Kelly Bair’s practice, BairBalliet, will open No More Room, an installation at the SCI-Arc Gallery, in Los Angeles. The opening event takes place at 8pm CST and will be streamed live.

From the exhibition description:

No More Room leverages the contemporary relationship between the rooms we inhabit and the images we consume to produce a sense of being in multiple spaces at once, a type of quantum superposition in architectural terms. It is a layered construction of volumetric relationships centered around a designed core sample.…Cultural production pivots during unstable moments, often utilizing fragments to reflect the fragility of our environment. However, No More Room prefers an architecture of the incomplete to an excessive reconstruction of parts.

UIC students Victoria Hatsenko, Sahar Simforoosh, and Ceema Sheikha were part of the BairBalliet project team. For more information, visit SCI-Arc’s website.