Interview: Creating Engaging Accessibility Programs With Sandy Guttman


MUSE UIC alum Sandy Guttman tackles museum accessibility in a great interview featured on Exhibitions on the Cusp.


Read the interview here on The Cusp

Image: A fair-skinned hand holds a small tactile replica of Yayoi Kusama’s painting Infinity Nets Yellow. The small square-shaped painting is bright yellow with a black background, and is five inches by five inches in size, with yellow paint that is applied over the black paint in a swirling repetitive net pattern, fanning out from the corner of the canvas similar to a spiderweb. The large painting, in the background is also bright yellow with a black background, and measures at about eight feet by ten feet. The small painting is meant to be touch by visitors while discussing Kusama’s painting methods. All images and verbal descriptions provided by Sandy Guttman.