PhD Student Ionit Behar Curates Fieldwork Collaborative Projects Exhibition

PhD Student, Ionit Behar has joined the non-profit Fieldwork Collaborative Projects and has helped organized their first exhibition "More Strange Than True"

Artists include: Elizabeth Atterbury, Dana Carter, Ramón Miranda Beltrán, Dana Levy, Michael Rado and Fran Lightbound, Bailey Romaine and Aaron Walker, Michal Samama, Adam Schreiber and Ann Toebbe.

Curated by FIELDWORK (Ionit Behar, Andrew Shachman, Nelly Agassi, Merav Argov)

Fieldwork’s inaugural exhibition, “More Strange Than True,” takes place in the in the upper level corridor of the Pulaski Park field house and its title refers to the estrangement or separation that currently exists between Chicago’s public parks and the city in general.

Due to the unknown existence of some of these parks, the 11 artists and teams in this exhibition were asked to relate to Pulaski Park in a distanced, mental and imaginative way rather than in a physical way. Although the artworks are site-specific, artists were asked to avoid visiting the space and to instead re-imagine the space with the assistance of a detailed floor plan made specifically for this show, the description of the space by the curators, archival materials, and research. Fundamental to the artists’ project is the dynamic evolution between public and private spaces.

The exhibition opens on September 17th from 2:00-5:00pm in upper level corridor of the Pulaski Park field house and will be open until November 12.

This exhibition was created in partnership with the Chicago Park District and Pulaski Park.