What's Up? Lecture Series: 432 Hz: Emergent Listening Practices

Room 1433

Join us for the next event in our new STM Faculty Lecture/Performance Series. The format is simple. A member of the STM faculty lectures about and/or performs excerpts from what they are working on now, followed by informal discussion. The series provides opportunities for faculty to rehearse an idea, share work in progress, and/or inspire future collaboration, research, and creative work.


Ruth Rosenberg, PhD

A growing community of musical consumers believe that most recorded and live music is "out of tune" with the universe and with humanity. Rejecting standard tuning of A=440 Hz, these listeners instead tune into music at A=432 Hz, believing it may be beneficial to them physically, psychologically, even spiritually. Once a fringe phenomenon, 432 Hz music has recently been promoted by figures such as Andrea Bocelli and pop icon Prince. Its influence has spread due to its increased accessibility on YouTube and via music streaming services. This paper, based on historical and ethnographic research, is an introduction to emergent listening practices and a reflection on the musical values of those who listen to 432 Hz music.