Art History PhD Student, Simon H. Wan Receives Two Prestiges Fellowships

The School of Art & Art History would like to congratulate Art History PhD student, Simon H. Wan on receiving two Andrew Mellon Fellowships for his project Hybrid Architectural Import: Dutch and Chinese Philanthropic Establishments in the Seventeenth-Century Urbanization of Indonesia.

This exceptional institutional support places Sim in the best position to continue research that he has already started in Amsterdam [Netherlands] and in Hong Kong [China] during the 2017-18 academic year.

The Mellon Fellowships for Dissertation Research in Original Sources program offers about fifteen competitively awarded fellowships a year in amounts up to $25,000.

Each provides a stipend of $2,000 per month for periods ranging from 9-12 months. Each fellow receives an additional $1,000 upon participating in a symposium on research in original sources and submitting a report acceptable to CLIR on the research experience.

The purposes of this fellowship program are to:

  • help junior scholars in the humanities and related social science fields gain skill and creativity in developing knowledge from original sources;
  • enable dissertation writers to do research wherever relevant sources may be, rather than just where financial support is available;
  • encourage more extensive and innovative uses of original sources in libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, and related repositories in the U.S. and abroad; and
  • provide insight from the viewpoint of doctoral candidates into how scholarly resources can be developed for access most helpfully in the future.