UIC School Directors in Newcity Design 50

Marcia Lausen, Director of the UIC School of Design, and Bob Somol, Director of the UIC School of Architecture, are both featured in the March 2017 issue of Newcity.

This year Design 50: Who Shapes Chicago, views local design leaders through a political lens, celebrating "...the curators, organizers, educators, critics and thinkers who lead Chicago's design scene, who provide the outlets and channels for practitioners to create and be acknowledged, who ensure there's still space for substance to weigh the airless culture down, who keep those frames in place, those windows clean, and the vision for a better designed tomorrow clear." (Ben Schulman for Newcity).

The print copy of Newcity is free and easy to find on campus, or read more online

Photo of Marcia Lausen (with a smirk) by Joe Mazza / Brave Lux.