Graduate Admissions
Graduate Admissions

Graduate College Information

The Graduate College of the University of Illinois at Chicago is made up of faculty members from various disciplinary colleges in the University. In conjunction with their disciplinary colleges and under the guidelines of the Graduate College, these faculty members offer advanced academic and research programs for highly qualified postbaccalaureate students. All students admitted to a master’s program (except the Master of Business Administration, the Master of Engineering, the Master of Public Health, or the Master of Social Work programs) or a doctoral program (except the Doctor of Dental Surgery, Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Pharmacy, Doctor of Physical Therapy, or the Doctor of Public Health at UIC) are enrolled in the Graduate College.

Master's Degrees

The following master’s degrees are offered through the Graduate College at UIC: the Master of Architecture, the Master of Arts, the Master of Education, the Master of Energy Engineering, the Master of Fine Arts, the Master of Health Professions Education, the Master of Healthcare Administration, the Master of Public Administration, the Master of Science, the Master of Arts in Teaching (History), the Master of Science in Teaching (Mathematics), and the Master of Urban Planning and Policy.

Doctoral Degrees

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at UIC places traditional emphasis on the advancement of knowledge through independent research in the candidate’s chosen field and the presentation of an original thesis. The degree is intended primarily for those who want the highest level of research training and who wish to pursue careers in colleges and universities, research institutes, and public agencies or industrial and business organizations.