Socially Engaged Internet Art with Paolo Cirio
Artist, activist, and cultural critic Paolo Cirio discusses how socially engaged Internet art can maximize both social and artistic efficacy by distinguishing the qualities, means, and ends of generating reactions from audiences and subjects. Cirio will discuss recent projects including:
To address the 15 million online mugshots of people arrested in the US, Cirio obfuscated the criminal records of six mugshot websites by cloning them, blurring their pictures, and shuffling their data. 
The work was subject to legal threats from owners of mugshot websites and received support from victims of mugshot extortion. Cirio also advocates for the legal right to remove personal information from search engines by adapting the principle of the Right To Be Forgotten under US law.
Cirio unveiled over 200,000 Cayman Islands companies to reverse global finance machination. He promoted the sale of real identities of anonymous Cayman companies at low cost to democratize the privileges of offshore businesses by forging Certificates of Incorporation documents for each company issued with the artist's real name and signature. 
Sponsored by the Department of Art History, the Honor’s College, and Gallery 400