Homegrown Justice Food Stand

Open Engagement: Homegrown Justice Stand 
April 22-23, 10am-6pm

During the Open Engagement conference, visit the Homegrown Justice Stand within Gallery 400’s exhibition The Earth Will Not Abide, featuring Chicago-based sustainable food companies that strive to support and uplift their communities socially and environmentally. Indulge in locally harvested tea and honey from GrowAsis Urban Garden Consulting, Chicago Honey Co-op, and Westside Bee Boyz while fulfilling your sweet tooth with vegan truffles from Mindful Indulgences. Delicious products will be available for purchase from each vendor.

Saturday, April 22, 10am-6pm

GrowAsis Urban Garden Consulting, Inc. is a multifaceted entity involved in empowering people to grow their own food by giving advice on garden practices and sharing knowledge on the nature of sustainability. Encouraging earth stewardship by taking care of the land through urban garden methods is the principle of this business with a policy of promoting food security.

GrowAsis Urban Garden Consulting, Inc. encourages earth stewardship and empowerment by providing consulting services of sustainable urban gardening practices, garden maintenance and continuous active environmental living to those who desire to have a vegetable oasis on Chicago’s Southside.

Chicago Honey Co-op  
The Chicago Honey Co-op is a Chicago-area beekeeping cooperative. We have approximately fifty beehives on the South and West sides of Chicago. We teach classes, do school visits, go to farmers markets and help our bees pollinate Chicago's flowers and flowering plants. We advocate for harmony among people, nature, and food.

Sunday, April 23, 10am-6pm

Westside Bee Boys  
Westside Bee Boyz, LLC was founded in August of 2014 by local urban beekeepers committed to keeping, educating, and promoting urban beekeeping and honeybees and other pollinators. Located in the heart of Chicago’s Westside, it is our goal to serve the city’s bees and beekeepers as stewards to both.

The city of Chicago has a long history of urban beekeeping. Unlike other metropolitan cities like New York, Paris, Amsterdam, and Los Angeles, beekeeping has been an accepted and virtually unregulated urban agricultural venture for decades. With an established base of urban beekeepers in the city’s long history, Westside Bee Boyz is providing Chicago’s urban beekeepers with reliable, knowledgeable, and sustainable sources for beekeeping needs.

Mindful Indulgences  
Mindful Indulgences are created out of an awareness of how food impacts our well-being and quality of life. Each consciously curated confection is made with certified organic, vegan, and fair-trade semi-sweet chocolate and infused with certified organic and fair-trade super spices. The nutritional value of each truffle is as much about the healthful nutrient rich ingredients used as it is about the ingredients they do not contain. The highest quality chocolate and Ayurvedic spices are selected with the confidence that each confection is healthful and sustainable.